Garlic Stuffed Lamb Shanks in Mint Wine Reduction

Just in time for Passover, it's Lamb Shanks.This is a melt in your mouth, fall off the bone recipe. Stuffed with sweet garlic and bathed in a mint, wine reduction, these lamb shanks will impress and satisfy.

I use 100% grass-fed, pasture raised lamb from KOL Foods. ( There's no anti-biotics or growth hormones either. I pair it with a wonderful Israeli wine; Kadesh Barnea - Negev, from my friends at Harken Spirits. Full bodied, but mellow on the palate. (

You'll love the reaction your guests give you when you serve them. It will look and taste like you cooked all day, but our secret is that it only a few minutes of prep, about 2 hours in the oven and you'll have a dish that people will talk about until next Passover.

L'Chaim . . . Avi

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